Monday, April 8, 2013

Picture made from recycled newpaper and indian ink

 I soak the paper overnight in water. It can also be soak it in very hot water for a few hours.
I perfer overnight soaking because, besides softening the paper it also soaks out some of the ink. 
Both ways work and I have use both methods.
 After it soaks I use a regular kitchen batter mixer.
I fill the buckets only as full as the mixing blades are long.
This ables me to mix the buttom without putting the mixer itself into the pulp.
I beat the pulp until all the paper breaks down.

 I then pour a thin layer on the dickle.
This is not really necessary
I just like giving myself a sort of canvas to work on when I'm pouring the picture.
 I then decide how much I'm going to need in each color and add the ink, dye or paint.
In this case I chose to use Indian ink
I always make more of each color than I think I will need.
Just because it a real pain to not have enough and have to stop everything to make more.


 I use different types of applicators to apply the layers of pulp.
Such as measuring cups, turkey basters, eye dropper.
 I will let this dry for a day and then pull it off the dickel and press it.
I'll post those picture when I get it done
Remember that extra pulp I make so I don't run out.
I drain the water and and let it dry.
If I need it for another project, Just add water.


  1. Scott, can you use other types of paper besides newspaper? (this is Sheri by the way, for some reason I can't seem to post using the choices on the drop down bar)

  2. Hey Sheri, First off thanks for checking out my blog. Second, thanks for posting a comment. Third, yep! you can use just about any type of paper that's not coated (waxed ect.)of course the heavier the paper the harder it is to get it to breaak down. and you can become a member of my blog and it will give you that option. . . . I think. But this works too. Thanks again.