About the Artist

I've be making handmade paper since 2004 when I recived a papermaking kit as a gift. Even though I do worked with other media I have found a special intrest in working with paper. 

When making paper I feel connected to nature. I have also been inspired by the need for recycling in the world. I often incorparate found objects, wood, metal, string even used paper into my art. I guess you could say the plants I use to make paper are being recycled from it original form into paper and then in a piece of art.

I have found that when a idea, concept, or image comes to me, weather it was inspied by nature, a dream or another artist. Even though I'm directing what it will becomes, because of the texture of the pulp it will often times evolve and add it own unpredictable personality to itself.

~E. Scott O'Neal

I have my Studio (which is the garage) in Gold Canyon, AZ  We live at the base of the Superstition Mountains. which gives me a endless supply of inspiration and materials.