Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ohh Ohh Mask

Day 7
Decided on a rusty cast iron look if I can pull it off.
This was the first coat of black tint paint.
After a day or two of drying I will give it a second coat and maybe a third.
After the black is dry I will put the paint on to give it a rusty look to bring out some of the features.
I also started a paper mache clown.
This is day 1
I covered three differant size balloons to form the body, head and feet.
The taped the head to the body with masking tape Then covered it with paper.
The feet (the longer balloon in front) after I put on the second layer of paper (maybe three) I will cut the it in half long ways and fill them in with paper mache clay to make it bottom heavy which will help it stand.
I am hoping to use empty TP rolls for short stubby legs but I have never tried that before so I'm not sure it going to work out....I guess we'll see   
I used the flour and water mixture with a little white glue in it as my paste and used newspaper torn into small squares. I found that 1inch squares or smaller work better on a rounded surface you don't get the folds and wrinkles that happen when putting larger pieces over a curved area.
Well that's it for today hope you check back and see how they turn out.
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