Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3 Masks

Did I have a busy day off or what!
1st The Clown. This guy has been a challenge. I could not get the balloons to stay up. They were heavier than I anticipated. So I had to pick up a heavier wire to wrap in paper for the balloon strings. And I guess the nose and shoes are going to be red.
2nd The Horn Mask. This little devil has gone well from the start. He is almsot ready to paint. I got the tongue put on and was ready to paint, but I'm not happy with the eyes. I have a few ideas. we'll see which one wins
3rd The Windy Mask. This one was fun. She going to be white enamel. Just need to do a little more touching up before she gets painted.
Well that's it for today. See Ya on my next day off.

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